Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Brown Kohl review - Laura Mercier, Urban Decay & L'oreal

I love me a good brown kohl. I wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY. I do not own any black ones at the moment, as black tends to look harsh and too obvious, whereas the brown looks softer. It also gets better as the day goes by since it gets smokier with smudging. I first ventured into the brown kohl territory because I was on a mission to achieve the sultry eye that Radhika from WeekendRamblings rocks! So my first buy was the urban decay 24/7 pencil in the shade Demolition that she uses a lot.

Urban Decay
I have gone through 3 pencils of the UD shade (Sephora link), evidence is the two stubs that you see in the picture. I love everything about these except you need to sharpen them before every use. The softness, longevity and smokiness is all there but it runs out really really quickly. I will repurchase this one forever albeit grudgingly!

Laura Mercier
The laura mercier kohl in the shade Espresso (Sephora link) is exactly the same as the UD one, in every possible way, except it does not run out as quickly. 

The third and the most affordable of the three, the L'oreal kohl in Brown (fancily called Color Riche Le Smoky, available here) is also the softest of the three. That is a good thing, since the initial intensity is much better compared to the other two, but throughout the day it will gradually migrate down to your chin! So I hardly ever reach for it, except on days when I know I am going to be at home. You sure can tell from how big the pencil still is.

My choice would thus be between UD Demolition and LM Espresso, whichever is easier for me to get at that point (Neither is easy to source in India). Give me brown kohl recommendations that you have, I am always on the hunt for the perfect one.