Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Battle of the Cleansing balms - Sunday Riley Vs Emma hardie

Ingredients here
I have been the biggest fan of cleansing balms for over 2 years now. They work well to keep my skin balanced, supple and clean at the same time, despite my skin being on the wrong side of oily. I have tried a fair few of them, of which my firm favorite has to be the Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm hands down. I have raved about it several times on the blog (Click here). I always go back to it and have gone through 3 big pots of it so far. However I am kinda fickle when it comes to skincare and get curious to try every new thing that gets the blogger rave! Enter the Sunday Riley Blue moon balm.

Emma Hardie to me is the yardstick I  use to measure any other cleansing balm I try, so naturally I will be comparing the sunday riley one with the EH.

The EH is a very soft balm which melts instantly upon touching the face. On the contrary, the SR balm is very hard, to the point where it sometimes crumbles and forms lumps which are then hard to spread evenly on the skin. I have learnt that the SR balm works best when it is heated for a few seconds in the palm before being put on the face to allow the oils to melt.

Makeup removal
I hardly ever use such expensive products to remove makeup, but in the odd occasion that I have done, I have found that they both remove all traces of makeup, including whatever mascara I had on. No need for a second cleanse.

The EH smells extremely spa like relaxing scent. I always give the product a sniff before I start cleansing, it has become a bit of a habit (It sounds weird to me writing that but I am not exaggerating!) The SR does not give me that sort of satisfaction, you know the one you get when you smell your favourite scents?! This is getting weird, but you get me right?! To me the SR smells slightly citrus-y and sharp.

The Emma hardie costs £55 for 200ml (£35 for 100ml), which I nearly always buy from SpaceNK when they have the £10 off £40 offer. 

The Sunday Riley costs £46 for 100ml (here) and there is no supersize saver version available at the moment.

So price wise the EH is definitely far more economical. I also have to mention that the supersize lasts me anywhere between 5-6 months. The SR as you can see is half-empty after just 1 month of continuous use. 

In the results department, I see no big difference in terms of skin softness and suppleness. Neither cause me any breakouts. Both do a brilliant job, although the SR leaves behind a very slight film if it is washed off with water without a flannel.

Overall, the SR is not a bad cleansing balm by any means, but it is certainly not better than EH. I would recommend it to someone looking for a change but for a cleansing balm virgin, I will forever push them in the direction of EH purely for the feel and the overall experience of using it. I think after I finish this, I see myself going back to my ever favourite moringa balm.