Monday, 7 July 2014

An upcoming blogging break & OOTD!

As if the break I have taken already is not enough, there is one more self-imposed long blogging break coming up for me. I have decided to put blogging aside for a while and concentrate on other "real" stuff I have committed to like studying and writing exams. It is not that I will be studying the whole time but writing and putting up a blog post takes time, a lot of it. Taking pictures, uploading them, doing the write up, doing a bit of blog promotion, responding to comments etc etc. I love every bit of it, but I do not have the kind of time on my hands right now and that makes me guilty, as if I have abandoned a child or something and who enjoys the feeling of guilt right?! I will still be reading my fav beauty blogs, just that I will not be writing any posts here.

That aside, I thought I will post the stuff that I have been meaning to write about but never got around to doing it. 

1) First thing is the Apha-H micro cleanse - This is by far the best facial scrub I have ever used. It delivers post-facial skin every single time. It contains 12% Glycolic acid for chemical exfoliation and has scrubby bits for physical exfoliation too. I have been anti-scrubs for a long time now, but this one I had to make an exception for owing to the incredible results it delivers. You can buy it from here for approx. Rs 2500.

2) Next up are a few outfit posts I had planned. I am in the UK right now and the weather here is glorious. Not too hot and not too cold, just perfect. My little one and I came here to spend time with my husband before my schedule gets too hectic. We have been taking her to aquariums and zoos and safaris because she is a big animal lover. And true to what we expected she has been having an amazing time here.

Completely got sidetracked there - moving on to the outfits - It is safe to say that anything and everything that the little one wears is from Gap. Gap kids make amazing quality clothing, the price is definitely on the higher side but totally worth it since they literally never
fade or shrink or become old.

Top - Gap; Skinny jeans - Uniqlo (Best skinny jeans EVER!); Little one's outfit - Gap
Top - oasis; Jeggings - Uniqlo; Ballet flats - Dune; bag - Kipling

More Gap!

Buh-byee guys :D