Sunday, 8 June 2014

The hair styling product that I might actually finish...

I worry the least when it comes to my hair. But one thing that bothers me the most about it is the fact that it can be a bit too soft at times. My friends often give me dirty looks when I complain about soft hair, but honestly soft straight hair can sometimes fall flat and get stuck to the scalp. Trust me, that is not a nice look! I bought the Bumble & Bumble thickening hairspray as an occasional remedy for when I crave some volume in my hair. But turns out I look forward to using this daily owing to the results it produces!

I spray a light mist all over damp hair (The bottle says the product works best when used with mild heat aka blow drying). Hair on air drying looks at least twice as voluminous and bouncy without being sticky or feeling crunchy which some hair sprays tend to do. It literally feels like I deposited nothing but a fine mist of water on my head! It make hair manageable and texturised without overloading it with product which is what gives hair all that volume.

A can of watery goodness that can give my  very fine hair volume and make it hold some sort of style - Total score! This might just turn out to be the first hair styling product that I actually finish and repurchase (Excluding shampoos and conditioner of course!). Fine haired girls, look this way - you definitely need this wonder product!