Sunday, 1 June 2014

Currently Loving #1

Today's post is all about throwing the spotlight on some of the beauty products I am currently loving using. In no particular order

1) Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose 
Easily one of the best drugstore lip nourishing products I have ever used. Similar counterparts for example the Revlon lip butter does not even come close to the sort of results this delivers. I use it during the day and before going to bed and wake up with the softest lips I  have ever had in ages! In some respects it might be even better than the pharmacy grade lip balms I have used in the past. 

The colour payoff is also pretty good. LOVE IT!

2) MAC Studio Fix Concealer NC42
Easily my most used concealer ever because I am on my third pot of the stuff and as you can see I am quickly running out of it. It covers everything from blemishes to dark circles and stays put forever, better than any concealer I have tried. I had stopped using concealers for a while now mainly because I am lazy but I have fallen back in love with this stuff. I should probably do a before and after picture with it. It really is awesome.

The best way to apply this is taking some on your ring finger and softly dabbing it where you need concealing. Do not try rubbing the product, it will drag  as it is kinda hard.

3) Clinique All About Eyes Eye Cream 
(Full review here)
This is a sample size pot and has lasted me so darn long, love that about Clinique. They do the best samples! I am currently using this as my nighttime eye cream and it is lovely stuff. Easy to apply, skin absorbs it easily and it also leaves the skin in that area nicely moisturised. It is certainly not a miracle cure for dark circles, but what eye cream is?

4) Merumaya Iconic Youth Moisturiser & Serum
I am always wary of writing about brands that are not accessible to the Indian audience but this time I had to make an exception and pen down my thoughts. This stuff is amazing, especially the moisturiser which is completely empty right now! It is thick but not greasy or heavy. It gives instant results leaving skin feeling hydrated and plump. Over the Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair serum this stuff works wonders. Definitely a repurchase for me!

The serum is also amazing stuff, it is less hydrating than the moisturiser definitely better suited for oily skin tones as it goes on so smooth and becomes completely undetectable. My only gripe with this line is to do with the smell. All these products are strongly scented which I kinda wish they weren't.

What are your current fav products? Any good moisturiser recommendations?