Sunday, 11 May 2014

Review & FOTD: Clinique Cheek Pop Blush - Peach Pop

Can you see what a difference the blush makes?! No?

Clinique Cheek Pop in Peach pop - £16.50 (Approx. Rs 1500)

This has got to be the best blush I have tried in a really really long time. Everything about it from the formula to the longevity is A+. If you want to own only one blush for the rest of  your life, then I would say "Don't go to NARS. Don't go to MAC. Get yourself a Clinique Cheek pop!". Seriously guys it is that good. Let me stop gushing and fill you in on the deets!

Firstly let us address the packaging and the daisy pattern on the blusher. When the whole world was gushing over the beauty of the engraving, I was secretly thinking to myself that the pattern looked rather childish and the clear acrylic packaging did not particularly catch my fancy either. I still do not think the packaging is anything to write home about. But it is very very sturdy and can stand a good battering within the confines of the makeup bag. 

I was pretty sure I would give this a miss until I started reading about the formula. True to what I read, the formula is a bit of a cross between powder and cream blushers. To touch it feels hard like any powder blush does, but once worn on the skin it sits beautifully like a cream blusher. It kinda completely sinks into the skin looking uber natural. However it lasts much much longer on me than any cream blush ever does. Not to mention the ease with which it blends on the skin, it feels as though it blends itself beautifully without requiring any effort from the brush. 

Where the Clinique cheek pop beats NARS and MAC is in terms of the longevity and pigmentation. MAC is stellar in terms of pigmentation but it is not the most long lasting. It lasts on me for up to 6 hours and then is nowhere to be found. As far as NARS is concerned I own only one blusher from their range, Deep throat. It is another pinky peachy colour that just will not show up on me. I swirl the MAC 116 in it so many times and no matter how much product I pick up it fails to show up. It left me so disappointed that I did not go back for another NARS blusher. The Clinique offering shows up so well on me, it even shows up in pictures which other blushers never do. I literally put zero effort towards FOTD pictures with this blush on, it shows up no matter what! And it lasts on me all day long, I am not exaggerating at all. We recently had our house warming ceremony and at the end of all the smoke filled poojas the blush was still there on my face.

Last but not the least by any means is the colour of the blush, so aptly named Peach pop. It is a straight up peach blush with maybe a small hint of pink somewhere in it. It also has super fine shimmer running through it which adds highlights to the cheek bones. Overall a very flattering shade that shows up so well on my NC42 skintone. Peach and pink blushers hardly ever show up on my medium skintone, but this one does with no effort whatsoever. LOVE IT! 

Now I want more of these buttery textured, long lasting, easy to blend babies. I might go for Plum pop next. If you are a blush lover like me or if you are someone starting out in makeup or blushers in particular then do get your hands on these babies. Can't recommend them highly enough!!!

Rating - A++++++++

I checked the Clinique India website and looks like this is not available here yet.