Wednesday, 7 May 2014

MAC Lipstick Touch - Review & FOTD

 It feels like I have been away from the internet world for ages when it has only been maybe 10 days give or take. My husband was in Chennai on vacation and I was too busy directing all my time towards family that I almost forgot about the virtual world. I quite enjoyed that downtime for a fact. It reminds me of when I lived in the UK with super fast 3G network. I used to obsessively and mindlessly check GMail or FaceBook on my phone for no reason at all. Now in India I have a very basic Nokia phone which I use solely for the purpose of attending and making calls and I do not miss my iPhone one bit. It feels rather freeing to not be wired all the time. You know what I mean?! 

Moving on to what I actually started off to write about - MAC Touch lipstick.

I love my MAC lipsticks, I do. There is something so satisfying about walking into a MAC store and playing with all those lipsticks lined out for you to swatch (To be honest, off late I am kinda reluctant about going into a MAC store. There is a LE release every week and loads of teenage girls obsessing over this LE blush or that LE lipstick crowd the stores. I cannot stand chaos!). MAC Touch was one such discovery. I bought it not based on beauty blogging raves but solely based on my hand swatch. I intended it to be the perfect handbag lipstick, something I can swipe on without needing a mirror and Touch is an awesome one for that purpose. It provides next to no colour to my lips but makes them look polished and glossy as you can see in the before and after pictures, I hope. 

It is a Lustre formula, my favourite amongst the rest that MAC offers. They are known to provide a sheer wash of colour and are well known for being moisturising on the lips, which they really are (Check out my review of MAC Sweetie, another beautiful Lustre formula lipstick). There is no drying in sight even after an entire day of wear. One major gripe with the formula is they are not the most long lasting. On me they last a mere 2 hours, but that has not stopped me from wanting more of them at all!

Overall MAC Touch is nothing exciting in terms of colour but makes for a perfect handbag swipe and go sort of lipstick. It makes my lips look like Krispy Kreme original glazed donuts and I love the effect(which are my favourites too after the custard filled ones!). A perfect choice for a my-lips-but-glossier look. Do you like the colour? What is your fav handbag lip product?

No lip colour

Wearing MAC Touch on the lips