Thursday, 22 May 2014

I got complimented...

There is a  famous saying by Mark Twain which goes
"I can live 2 months on a good compliment"

And that is exactly how I am feeling right now. I have two people to thank for that. They totally made my day yesterday... heck, I  must say they made my year!

It feels as though all my feelings of self doubt have melted away.
It simply feels great!

Thank you Aarthi for the post showering generous accolades on the blog! I do not take blogging seriously. It is a hobby for me as are makeup and beauty and sometimes it annoys me to read blogs written just to win some sort of a rat race. Amidst all the hungama going on in the beauty blogging world there are also blogs that are written with so much dedication without expecting anything in return. Aarthi's is one such blog (A-shopaholic). She will post daily unless there is something really stopping her from doing so. I sometimes wish I had that level of commitment, not just in blogging but also in the other more important things I do in life. On the lighter side of things, I so wanna check out her makeup collection and the way she has organised it, I am sure it will be one hell of an organised vanity! I can already think of so many beauty items that I might want to steal from her collection. Aarthi, beware!

The second person I wanna mention is someone I consider my best friend, Dr Saravana Priya. She does not have the faintest idea what MAC or Clarins mean, but she has so much I envy her for. Particularly the innocence that she is so lucky to still possess. It shines through in her voice and the way in which she teases herself, so childish yet so adorable. When she read Aarthi's post she was so overwhelmed with enthusiasm that she had to call quite early the next morning to go on and on about this post and that picture. Apparently she stayed up late the previous night through two iPad batteries reading every post and every comment on the blog. She must have said at least 15 times how much she loved the blog! I was beaming after that phone call :)

It feels great not only to receive genuine compliments but also to give away one. If you truly believe someone deserves a praise then don't feel shy to say it out. It is pretty rewarding to see what a huge smile your words can put on the other person's face. In addition to making their day it might just make your's too :)

I wanna take Aarthi's cue and shout out to some blogs that I enjoy reading

My Vanity Treasures - Parita come back and start blogging soon! Fellow NC42, always take her makeup recommendations seriously.
Curios & Dreams - Love Swati's style of writing. Also enjoy her simple yet cute DIY projects.
IndyaBeauty - Love Rashmi's blog for the juicy lip swatches!
Weekend Ramblings - Discovered this only two days ago while looking for a blush swatch on the internet. Her posts are easy and straightforward to read and I would kill for her smudgey kohl eye  look. I was lazy and did not leave a single comment. Bad!

There are a lot more beauty blogs that are worth a mention. I will do a separate post linking to them. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to leave a comment on my posts, I will not be exaggerating if I say I write for the comments. It is no fun writing with no one to read, right?