Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Two life changing products - Goodbye Angry Scars and Cracked Heels

Today's post is about two life changing products, one that helped regain my face and the other that helped put my mom's and uncles's feet at rest!

Good riddance scars
I discovered Mederma by chance after a very bad bout of adult chicken pox attack when I was 23. It was one of the worst times of my life, it was so severe that I spent some sleepless nights weeping like a baby! Needless to say it left my face scarred beyond recognition. I am not kidding guys, my face was covered in pits and purple scars. I literally avoided the mirror for so many days and being the beauty addict that I was it really affected my morale. I dreaded going back to work and facing my colleagues! To my surprise though, no one showed any drastic reactions except for my best friend who was being a complete ass and kept joking about it, which bizarrely put my anxiety at ease to an extent!

Anywho, I was recommended Mederma when I was at a medical shop a few days after I healed picking up something else. I had known the shop keeper before and he kinda freaked out when he saw me looking like that and pushed a tube of it into my hand. Since then  I started using it religiously, it says apply 3-4 times a day and you will see scars almost disappear within a month. I was cynical about the bold claims but at the time I'd rather do something about it than nothing. I used to carry the tube with me to work and re-apply throughout the day. True to its claims the scars started fading within 3-4 weeks time. You will not believe it guys, my scars were completely gone by the 6-8 week mark. I still had the deep pits scattered about the face which I thought I will be stuck with for the rest of my life. I continued with Mederma and I was mind blown to see that it worked even on those pits. I am now left with a tiny pit on top of my right eyebrow and one more on my cheek, both not easily visible to the naked eye! 

Since my life changing experience, anytime I see someone suffering from chicken pox or any scarring for that matter I immediately recommend Mederma. It has since graced the faces of so many of my cousins and everyone has said it made such a huge difference. I do not use it at all these days because one, I have become far too lazy and two, the few acne scars that I have on my cheeks can be covered with makeup! If you are someone who wishes you could get rid of a particular scar or mark then do give this a try. It is available at most pharmacies. A 10g tube cost me Rs 340.

P.S - Mederma or whoever manufactures it has no clue who the hell I am, so this is not sponsored! Just some snippets from my real life experience with chicken pox scarring.

Good riddance cracked heels
Cracked heels is not so much an issue for me. But for my uncles two of whom are into agriculture, this is like their major concern. It causes them so much pain that sometimes they have to avoid going to the fields days at a time to avoid getting mud and other debris into the cracks - sounds gross but true story guys! But ever since they started using Liquid paraffin they don't worry about cracked heels at all. Like how we girls have a skincare routine they have a nightly heel routine that involves soaking a cotton pad in liquid paraffin and haphazardly applying to the heel area! One of my uncles cannot sing the praises of Liquid paraffin enough, he says it is a life saver. Now everyone in the family keeps a bottle of the stuff myself included. Use it continuously for a week and you will definitely see the cracks and the pain if any go down. I have found that it works best when applied post scrubbing which makes sense as the product can penetrate easier.

Liquid Paraffin should be easily available at all medical shops. It costs a mere Rs50 for 100ml.

Do you have any life changing products or tips up your sleeve? Do share them. They might come in handy to someone reading the post.