Monday, 14 April 2014

The one with all the cleansers.

I am addicted to facial cleansers as much as I am to blushers! At any point in time you will find me having more than one(or three!) in rotation. I thought I will do an edit with talking about the ones that currently rule my cleanser roost.

Ren Hydra-Calm Cleansing Milk - The miracle AM cleanser 
(Approx Rs 1800 for 150ml here)
I bought this cleanser on a whim as it was on sale and I did not expect much from it. But it has completely blown me away. After I  moved to India my skin started acting up very badly owing to the change in water and so many other lifestyle changes included. I had some really painful under the skin pimples on my chin area that just would not go away. And I felt like every time I washed my face they felt even more angry and aggravated. I remembered I had this cleanser in my stash and used it for the first time. And magic happened guys!!! Literally after one wash the pimples felt less angry and had completely calmed down, to the point where if I pressed on them they did not hurt which was a big deal for me! I always thought a cleanser meant for sensitive skin would be too mild and wouldn't do anything for my skin but I could not have been more wrong. This cleanser also leaves my skin looking visibly brighter. A+ cleanser this one. 

 The Ren website says A gentle cleansing milk designed to leave more sensitive or delicate skin purified, fresh, calm and soothed. 

Clarins Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream - The gentle yet effective AM cleanser
(Approx Rs 2200 for 200ml here)
This one I have extensively talked about here. A no-fuss no-faff morning cleanser that also removes makeup well if used the night before. Feels like cold cream and leaves skin feeling like a flower. The scent is also very calming and comforting. Yet another A star product from Clarins. I reach for this when I am too tired to think what to put on my face. I just know this one works well and leaves skin feeling happy and calm.

This formula has been revamped by Clarins and is now called the Anti-pollution extra comfort cleansing cream. This one has been receiving a lot of positive review from new users but those who have been loyal to the old one find the new one not equal to the old. I cannot really comment as I do not own the latest version of it.

Merumaya Cleansing Balm - The affordable cleansing balm
(Approx Rs 1400 for 100ml, unfortunately not available on websites that ship to India)
I bought this balm only because of the price. I wanted to test it out and see if it can replace my all time favourite expensive cleansing balm, the EH one (coming next!) thereby hoping to curb an expensive habit. Whereas this one does not feel as luxurious on the skin as the EH variant, it does its job of taking off makeup and cleansing skin rather well without leaving it at all feeling greasy. If you are looking for a more affordable balm then look no further. It's ingredient list features sweet almond oil for it's moisturising and nourishing properties and Eschium oil to provide omega-3,6,9 among a host of other natural ingredients. I really do love it but whether it will stop me from buying another pot of the EH balm is to be answered only when I run out of my current pot.

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm - The best thing I have ever put on my face!
(Approx Rs 3600 for 100ml here)
I have talked about this beautiful beautiful stuff too much on the blog already. If you wanna know more about then check it out here and here.

balance Me Cleansing balm - The meh cleanser of the lot
(Approx Rs 2000 for 125ml here)

Clearly I  have a cleansing balm addiction! I bought this yet again for the slightly more affordable price tag it came with. This is the only balm I have tried that had scrub-by oat meal particles in it. When I first started using this balm I really really liked it. I used to reach for it a lot. But with time it felt like the there were no oatmeal particles left and the balm started leaving a sticky layer on the face even when removed with a wash cloth. I think it requires a good shaking up every time you use it which I did not do. It smells nice, removes makeup very effectively but leaves skin feeling a tad bit sticky which I do not enjoy. Obviously not a repurchase material for me, there is still about 6 uses worth of product left in there but I have decided to get rid of it because I saw some mould formation on the inside of the cap eeekks!

Do you use different cleansers for different skin purposes or are you a one size fits all kinda gal when it comes to facial cleanser?