Friday, 11 April 2014

Pre-party Skin Prep - Routine & Product Recos

Liquid Gold - Approx. Rs 3000 here; Avene cleanance mask - Approx. Rs 1200 here; Emma hardie balm - Approx. Rs 3500 here; Clarins mask - Rs 1700 here; Boots clay mask - Approx. Rs 400 here

We all wanna look our best when it comes to attending parties and events. Here is a run down of my pre-party skin prep routine. I prefer keeping it simple and tend not to go for any major facials or fancy parlour routines. I suggest the same to my cousins too, ask them not to step into a parlour in the week preceding the event to avoid any skin breakouts from miscellaneous products used. Keep it simple and use your tried and trusted products to work their magic on the skin.

I believe that exfoliation and deep cleansing are the secret to revealing bright and beautiful skin. The key here is to take the routine and tailor the products based on what works best for you. Or if you are looking for products that definitely deliver then keep your eyes peeled as there are plenty to follow :)

I use Liquid Gold (Full review here)which is a chemical exfoliant containing glycolic acid to gently slough off dead skin cells overnight. I use this one night before the day of the event and it always leaves my skin and me feeling bright and cheerful

The second form of exfoliation I use is Glyco-A (Not pictured above) which is 12% Glycolic acid in cream form. You apply it all over your face and neck before going to bed and It performs the same sort of action as Liquid gold. The main difference between the two is, I find LG to be a lot more effective in a much shorter span of time aka overnight whereas Glyco-A seems to take a few nights of continuous use to show that sort of results. Over the two I recommend LG for the less sensitive of skin types and the latter for those who like to take it slow yet steady.

The third and final form of exfoliation that I go for is in face mask form. My beloved Avene Cleanance mask (Full review here) is the best I have tried so far. The slight tingling action gives me a sort of weird satisfaction that the product is actually working. I leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse it off. It is very effective and reveals noticeably brighter skin in a matter of minutes. This is pretty gentle on the skin and would work across all skin types. I do this the day before the event or if it is an evening event then on that same morning.

Now don't go off and do all the above before a party, your face might just fall off! Just pick and choose what works best for your skin and what sort of timescale you are working with. The first two products work while you are getting your beauty sleep and don't need prior planning whereas the latter requires you to have a time slot planned with no kids around. You don't want to give them a panic attack with your ghost face do you?!

Exfoliation ensures all the dead skin cells are loosened whereas cleansing makes sure all that junk is actually taken off of the face. I most certainly follow an exfoliating mask with a deep cleansing clay mask. I find that the latter performs its best post-exfoliation as it can reach the insides of the pores much easier I suppose (no dead cells blocking its way!). Right now the Boots Botanics Iconic Shine Away clay mask (Full review here)has been fitting the bill. 

If you are in a hurry and do not have the time for two face masks then you can use the deep cleansing mask as a cleanser instead of as a mask. This method leaves skin feeling squeaky clean and prolongs its shine-freeness which is always a bonus. For this I use the Clarins pink clay mask (Full review here) which did nothing as a mask but works great as a cleanser.

If I have opted for overnight exfoliation then the morning after I always reach for the Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm (Full review here). It is the most luxurious feeling nourishing cleansing balm I have ever put on my face and it leaves my newly revealed skin looking juicy with no residue or stickiness. This plus a clean wash cloth = Simply perfect!

Now this sounds very elaborate but it really is not. I only use one or the other and never go for all the above. Liquid gold and Glyco-A work overnight when you are anyways getting your sleep. It is only the masks that take some time and planning, but you can always find 15 minutes if it is going to give you good looking skin right? Let me know what your party prep ideas are? Or you one of those people that hit the parlour and walk out with lust-worthy skin and a very light purse?!