Monday, 7 April 2014

Outfit & Bambino!

 I thought I'd do a quick outfit post involving the bambino. We attended a small family function today. Because it involved only our very close relatives I did not think it necessary to really dress up. I went a bit casual with a kurti that I featured here and paired it with red leggings and a red shawl. Bambino was still asleep when we left the house, so did not have the opportunity to dress her up in anything fancy. Best of all, my brother took the pictures and almost every picture I thought outfit worthy came out shaky and blurred! I have picked the best of the lot, hope you like. My kurti is heavily creased and looks a bit loose on me. The creases came from the bambino constantly jumping on my lap and I can't quite believe a size S is loose on me. I think it has got something to do with the material!

Ever wondered how much damage salt water can cause to one's hair?! The tap water at my parent's place has suddenly become so salty, so much that it almost tastes like sea water. And the salt is ruining my hair. The Dove conditioner has been helping to calm it down a bit but only to an extent. It is a constant frizz ball! Can you make it out in the pictures? While my mum is annoyed that it is spoiling her appliances and kitchen ware I am busy wondering what sort of damage it is doing to my skin (Frivolous me)!

Now, let's forget about salted waters and creased kurtis and show some love for the  little princess shall we? :)

I am not really feeling it for any particular skincare or makeup product right now. I reach for the same fail safe stuff day in and day out. I do have quite a few oldies but goodies that I have not written about yet like the Chanel cream blush, a cleanser from Ren and a blemish correcting powder. More on those in the coming posts!

Hope you all have a great start to the week!