Friday, 4 April 2014

New Additions - A perfume, A deo and A conditioner!

Today I wanna talk about some new products that have made it into my daily beauty routine. It includes a heavy duty conditioner, a fresh and delicate perfume and a not so glamorous product, a deodorant!

The heavy-duty one
It is none other than the Dove Nutritive solutions nourishing oil care conditioner (Rs 190). This stuff is AMAZING! A heavy-duty conditioner that I completely rely on to give me soft silky tresses. It is fancy stuff, comes out like a toothpaste with two bands one being the oil part and the other supposedly the conditioner. The two combine to give me super smooth hair that could potentially verge on being flat if I get too greedy and apply too much. 

If your hair is super dry and gritty then definitely give this a try. Take a good dollop and leave it in for 10 minutes. I am sure it will work wonders. As for those with fine hair like mine, I squeeze out a tiny amount, leave it on the hair for 3 minutes and wash it out completely. Good hair guaranteed! Definite definite repurchase, so affordable too!

The delicate one
Diptique Do Son(Approx Rs 4500 but I bought it on sale for half price :D) is possibly the freshest perfume I have ever owned. It smells uber delicate and fresh. It is the sort of perfume that nobody can not like. At the same time it is the kind that not many will fall in love with either. It is kinda blah but to me it is my go to on days when I just need a whiff of freshness and nothing heady. This to me smells like leaves and garden. I admit I am  rubbish at describing a scent so I employed the help of google to get you this. See I hit the "delicate" bit on the head :P

Delicate green note is weaved through hot tuberose, thus lightening the effect and creating a fragrance that is more a delicate tuberose mist than a heady veil. 

Diptique is so famous for their candles which are extremely expensive in my opinion (we are talking in the Rs 5000 range!). But I love burning candles and am yet to find one that has got me hooked. Do you have any candle recommendations?

The boring yet essential one
Adidas deo in the Natural Vitality" scent (Rs 150) - This is nothing fancy. Just your average deodorant that helps keep you not sweaty smelling throughout the day. It smells quite artificial but the scent only lingers on me for less than 2 minutes which I am happy about. All along I was under the impression that I do not sweat, but ever since I moved to Chennai the heat has proved me completely wrong! This deo is a must for me and I keep it in the shower so I don't forget to use it!

What have you been using and loving lately? As I mentioned earlier, do leave your candle recommendations if any.