Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Good Hair Tip - Reverse Washing

Flat hair or hair that is stuck to the scalp is a major issue of mine. I have very silky straight hair. On paper it sounds very desirable, but not so much in real life merely for the fact that it can get very easily weighed down with product and fall flat and look boring. Since my pregnancy though my hair has changed quite a lot, it is no more fully straight, nor is it overly silky. But I still face the issue of hair just hanging there and doing nothing particularly fun.

The problem of flat hair however has become a thing of the past ever since I started reverse washing my hair. Rather than shampoo first and then condition do it in the reverse. This way the hair will absorb what conditioner it needs and the excess is shampoo'ed away rather than sitting on the hair and weighing it down. The hair also gets more conditioner time as it is the first thing I do before washing my face and body. This method will work like a treat for anyone scared to take the conditioner all the way to the scalp. You can use all the conditioner you want all over your hair right from the roots to the ends. I suggest using something a bit heavy-duty, like the Dove intense nourish conditioner I featured here.

When I first came across reverse washing somewhere on the internet I was a bit skeptical because conditioners do not have the ability to penetrate hair, in fact nothing but coconut oil has the ability to strengthen hair from within. Conditioners merely coat the hair with silicones making them "appear" healthy. So if you rinse it away with shampoo then that effect is also lost right? No! Reverse washing definitely works, at least on me it does. 

I dare the fine haired girls amongst you to try this method and let me know if you liked the results. It certainly has left my hair looking and feeling a lot more bouncy.