Sunday, 27 April 2014

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine, Rebelle - Review & FOTD

Wearing nothing on the lips.
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Rebelle on the lips

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Rebelle on the lips

It is safe to say that Chanel makeup is on every makeup addict's wishlist, be it in foundation, lipstick or blusher form. Mine was in the form of a lipstick and a cream blush and I have one of each in my collection right now. I am never one to go and buy 10 shades of lipstick from the same range. I am generally content with one or at the max two as I hate to see products sitting unused. Before I bore you with my makeup philosophy lets move onto the subject of today's post, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in the shade Rebelle.

The Packaging
The glossy black bullet is not really dressing table worthy but I still like how sleek it is and the glossy black exterior feels quite luxe. The lid closes with a satisfactory click which I am obsessed with to the point where I find the snap closure kind of therapeutic at times, like bursting the bubbles in a bubble wrap (Anybody else obsessed with doing that?!).

The actual lipstick is shaped with a flat top similar to Revlon lip butters. Flat bullets kinda annoy me but I will overlook that in this case because the formula favours that shape without making application difficult.

The shade
I bought Rebelle at the London airport within 5 minutes of entering the Chanel counter, which is very unusual of me. I am one who enjoys swatching lipsticks to the point of annoying the shop assistant! This was the first shade I tried of the lot and immediately wanted to own it. It is a coral red that immediately perked up my complexion making me look like I actually made an effort to look good, when all I did that morning was sulk and tear up because I was travelling to India without my husband and was not going to see him for another 2 months!

I also had my eye set on a pink shade from the same line, I think it was called Romance but restrained because I wanted to give the formula a whirl before buying another. 

The formula
I absolutely adore the formula of these lipsticks. For a lipstick scared person like me this is the perfect way to wear bright colours. I kinda cower when I am out wearing one. But this lipstick has me sorted for those occasions when you know a bright lip is the way to go. I would call it semi-opaque in that it certainly goes on bright and true to colour even on the first swipe but it does not completely cover up the lips. It looks like I have a veil of coloured glass on the lips. 

The Con
If you have read this review thus far you would think I am going to give this lipstick a 10/10 and let the case rest. But no, there is a major con with this lipstick. The formula while being glossy and light is not the most moisturising. It definitely dries out the lips after a few hours of wear. Not stretchy and dry like some matte lipsticks do, but I can definitely see some flaking on my bottom lip and the formula accentuates the dry bits instead of masking them, which is a bummer for something that is such an expensive product. 

When I compare the Rouge coco shines with MAC lustre finishes, the former is so much more light-weight and glossy. Also the colour payoff of the Chanel lipsticks far outweighs that of MAC, but MAC lustres are a lot more moisturising making Chanel better for occasional wear and the good old not-so-pricey MAC suitable for daily wear.  

Overall I really enjoy using this lipstick. The light-weight formula makes it a wearable red for me and one that I reach for a lot even though the colour is out of my comfort zone. If I were to buy another Rouge coco shine lipstick, I would certainly go for a deeper colour that I wouldn't normally wear because on occasion I could overlook it's drying nature for being able to wear bright colours. But I would never pick up an everyday nude since the drying formula makes them not suitable for day long wear.

Have you faced similar drying issues with these Chanel lipsticks?