Monday, 31 March 2014

Review: Caudalie Divine Oil

Caudalie Divine Oil 50ml - £16.65 (Approx Rs 1600) here (With free international delivery!)

The Caudalie Divine Oil is a sort of multi-purpose dry oil that can be used on the body, hair and/or face. I am totally into facial oils and believe their skincare benefits are plenty. So an oil meant for the body, hair and face had to be mine! 

What is a dry oil? It is traditional oil minus the greasiness or slimy feeling. They actually feel a lot lighter than most hand creams and body lotions but their moisturising properties are pretty stellar. The Caudalie version comes packed with their trademark grape seed oil in addition to hibiscus, sesame and argan oils and added antioxidants.  

I had two 15ml bottles of the oil to start with and now am left with 1/4th of the second bottle. This goes to show how much I enjoy using it to the point where it has now become my most used body product. The packaging of these is pretty perfect; Glass bottle with a spritzer on the top, so no spillage or product wastage possible and perfect for travel. The scent of this oil is also divine (aptly named!). To me it smells predominantly of jasmine, but from the ingredients list it does not even contain jasmine oil :P 

I have used the Caudalie oil on my body and hair, haven't tried it on my face yet. I have found that the best way to use it on the body is immediately after a shower on slightly damp skin. It helps seal in the moisture and the scent seems to linger a lot longer when used this way. Hands and feet are left nicely moisturised without any stickiness as are my nails which are the most ignored bits on my body! On the hair though I did not get along well with it, it was too heavy for my hair and made it look greasy. 

Overall I love this oil and have not bought any body lotions or moisturisers ever since I started using this. I prefer using these light-weight oils over thick body lotions and body creams. My next conquest will be the Nuxe version! Needless to say, my love for oils is ever growing!