Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Blush Collection

Today's post is about sharing my weakness for one makeup product in particular blushes (Sushy hearts blush!). There is just something about them that makes me feel like Charlie in the chocolate factory.I bought my first blush even before I had the brush to apply it with and just staring at it used to make me all happy and excited (I am not kidding guys!). 

In fact there is a story behind my first blush haul - I bought it when I was doing my masters in the UK. I just HAD to go shopping to liven up my depression stricken mood in the winter. At the time, watching YouTube makeup videos was my guilty indulgence which got me dreaming about MAC makeup. So I decided I deserved a MAC splurge for all my sacrifices (you know the likes of coming all the way to a different country with rubbish weather and having to slog on 5 assignments in one go!) In one day I went from makeup-less to being the proud owner of a MAC blush, MAC MSF and a MAC lipstick. I was in makeup heaven for the next one week before depression struck again (owing to empty pockets and TESCO value rice purchases!), but that's a different story altogether :P

Moving on to the actual "collection". Now, if you are a makeup-aholic then this might not exactly be a big collection in your eyes. But to me a collection moves from being enough to being "big" when you are unable to show enough love to every single piece in your kitty, which is where my collection is at the moment. Let me talk you through each one of them and how much love they get from their owner!

First blush purchase - MAC Plum Foolery
Most worn ever/Fool-proof blush - MAC Gingerly
Most reached for in recent times - Chanel Destiny & By Terry Ginger Glace
Most neglected :( - MAC Sweet As Cocoa, MAC Ambering Rose, TBS Brown Topaz (Lovely colour, messy application).

Pinks - MAC Fleur Power, NARS Deep throat
Warm neutrals (My favourite kind!) - MAC Gingerly, Chanel cream blush Destiny, By Terry Ginger Glace, Clinique Shadow Stick in Shy Blush, The Body Shop Brown Topaz
Rosy plums - MAC Plum Foolery, MAC Ambering Rose
Reddish Brown - MAC Sweet as Cocoa

"I-Cannot-Recommend-These-Enough-Guys" blushes - MAC Gingerly, Chanel Destiny

MAC Blush Collection

TBS Brown Topaz, By Terry Ginger Glace

Chanel Destiny, NARS Deep Throat

Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick - Shy Blush
The MAC blush palette is one of my biggest makeup mistakes so far. It gets dirty so easily and depot-ting blushes I assumed would be an easy popping the pan out jobbie. But no, it involves heating the base of the pan blah blah blah, which is one more reason why I have been postponing doing it. I have stashed away the palette along with the two refills far far away from my daily reach, which is why they are so utterly neglected. I should start showing them some love as well, because they are both gorgeous products.

What is your favourite makeup product? Do pass on your blush recommendations guys.(I know I don't need more but makeup is not always about need right?!)