Saturday, 1 March 2014

Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick - 129

These lipsticks make me so nostalgic. When I was a teenager, I used to love myself a bit of Lakme. These lipsticks came in a leaf green bullet back then and were later jazzed up into the current maroon packaging (I say jazzed up, but honestly I don't think much of the packaging at all, very basic, so very boring!). Packaging aside, the product inside is really good quality in my opinion, especially at the Rs 225 price point. The range has a whole lot of gorgeous pink nudes, peach nudes, brown nudes you name it they have it to suit every single Indian skin tone out there (I don't ever pay much attention to the bubblegum pinks or the aunty maroons they produce). And the formula is perfect, not glossy, not matte but the perfect satin finish. They last about 3 hours before needing re-application but there is no weird fading or bleeding involved.

I recently placed an order for Enrich satin in shade 129 on along with Lakme aquashine lipcolour in Fig (one of my favourite lip products, but it never reached me because they went out of stock). I was so excited to see that 129 was right up my alley, a pinky-peachy-browny nude, it looked so darn perfect. Look how gorgeous it looks in the swatch. 

And then I did the unthinkable. I have this weird habit of smelling new makeup to see if they have any discernible smell. And OMG this smells awful, like plastic and everything synthetic melted together in a pot to make this lipstick. To the point where I have not touched this lipstick ever since, in the fear that the plastic smell might hit me with full force.

Now that I know how it smells I am pretty sure I am never going to reach for it, so I am willing to pass it on to one of you who does not have an issue with how Enrich satins smell. I know majority don't because a few of my cousins really rate these lipsticks. If you are still reading this review and are interested in trying this shade I will be happy to ship it to you. If more than one of you asks for it then I will pick one person by random (I will do "Inkey-pinkey-ponkey") :P

Btw guys, I recently bought a Lakme aquashine in the shade Wildberry. I love this formula and really wanted Fig but it was out of stock AGAIN. This is the third time I almost got my hands on Fig and then it either goes out of stock or I lose it even before opening the seal! The Lakme lady told me Fig and Orchid are their fastest moving shades. BTW the Lakme SA at Lifestyle Forum mall, Chennai was very sweet and knowledgeable in makeup. She broke all conventions of being a Lakme SA. She certainly was not the usual foul mouthed, pushy Lakme SAs wearing green eyeliner and blue eyeshadow. I was rather pleasantly surprised :)