Thursday, 20 March 2014

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water, Serozinc - Which one?

I was a spray toner virgin until I came across Caroline Hirons' video on skincare basics here. I think everyone must check out this video, there are so many interesting skincare tidbits and product recommendations. In that video she talks about the double toning routine wherein post-cleansing the face, one should use two toners before anything else goes on top of the skin - the first should be an exfoliating toner followed by a hydrating one and she recommends La Roche Posay Serozinc for the second step. Ever since watching that video I have been on the hunt for Serozinc but annoying it is not readily available outside of France! I was dubious about buying skincare on ebay and settled for the widely available spray toner/spring water option - La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water. But I have a monkey of a mind which was never quite content with it and just badly wanted to know what was so different about Serozinc. So I caved and placed an ebay order. Much to my delight it arrived well packaged and within a week's time. So far I have been using the two in rotation for more than a month, so thought I will do a round up on which one is better and for what purpose.

Both are aimed at surface skin irritations aka skin irritated by external factors like sun, skin treatments,drying acne creams etc. 
Both are said to be suitable for adults and babies (Diaper rashes!)

Expected resultInstantly calmed skin devoid of irritation. Softer and smoother facial skin.

Thermal Spring Water - Natural spring water with trace elements like Selenium (Seriously sounds gimicky!)


How to Use?
Spray generously onto the face and neck area, leave it to penetrate the skin for 2-3 minutes and then dab off any excess with fingers (I sometimes press a dry towel to the face to remove excess)

My experienceFirst of all, these two products have totally gotten me hooked on to spray toners. There is something so damn refreshing about a fine mist of cool "water" hitting just cleansed skin. It certainly feels like it is doing good to the skin(Both the TSW and Serozinc remain cold in the aerosol containers, even in the sweltering Chennai heat).

As for whether I see skincare benefits from using them, my answer would be a yes and a no! Yes, when I spray the toner it most definitely cools and calms down my skin. When the "water" has fully penetrated, my skin is visibly smoother and feels soft to the touch. Any creams/lotions I put on after the spray toner stage appears to get absorbed sooner and more thoroughly. I really think they help prep the skin to receive anything else that goes on top of it.

Then why did I say No? Instant results apart, I am not really sure they have changed my skin that much in the far run. Yes my skin is in much much better shape, but I have introduced a whole load of other things into my routine. So it is very difficult, almost impossible in fact to single out the effects of the toners alone. Having said that I am sure one of them will continue be a part of my routine!

So which is better, LRP Thermal Spring Water or Serozinc?To me, both are equally good in terms of performance and results. I really cannot choose one over the other because I have seen no difference in the way they feel on the skin. They have so far produced the same sort of results on my skin. One difference though is in the taste, TSW is tasteless whereas Serozinc tastes salty(obvious as it contains sodium chloride)!
However TSW has the advantage of easy availability and of course the lower price. TSW costs a mere £5 (Rs 500) for 150ml here whereas Serozinc on Ebay costs £12 (Rs 1200). My next order will definitely be for the TSW, I prefer ordering skincare from well known stockists than off ebay, unless I am very desperate!

Have you tried any of the popular spray toners, like Evian or Caudalie Beauty Elixir?