Monday, 3 March 2014

How I fly with my baby!

Based on the post title, I wish I was talking about something interesting like, how I transform myself into shaktimaan or spiderman and go zoom across the ocean with my bambino strapped to my chest. But no I am not shaktimaan and yes by flying I am talking about the most uncomfortable task of travelling on the aeroplane with a toddler in tow.

Toddlers are at the exploring stage in their lives where it is so difficult making them sat on your lap for 10 minutes straight let alone for 10 hours. So I put some thought into packing their essentials so as to make the journey a little less stressful than it can get otherwise. My 18 month old has already been on 6 long haul flights and at least another 6 short haul ones. So far things have gone pretty well for us except for that one time when she had bad food poisoning and started throwing up catching me totally unawares with a shirt soaking in vomit and a screaming toddler in hand *Shudders* NOT FUN!!! But I could not have prepared myself for such drastic situations, this post is for the less dramatic of those flight journeys.

My first and probably only piece of advice I have is to not throw everything haphazardly into a big hand bag, instead pack stuff into separate smaller pouches which can then fit into the handbag. That would prove a nightmare when the child needs a diaper change and you have to fish the bermuda triangle of a bag for a diaper and a towel with one hand. Instead if you know which little pouch contains changing essentials, you could just walk to the restroom with the pouch, lot simpler right? Non?

I have a pouch each for 
1) Changing essentials with 2 or 3 diapers, wipes, diaper cream, a changing mat (I carry a compact towel) and a plastic cover (comes in so handy at times of emergency!)

2) Food & Snacks containing food and snacks! For snacks you can be a bit naughty and carry what they like rather than insisting on carrying only the healthy stuff. So I have a packet of baby crisps and an apple or two along with food and water. Do not forget to take spoons and bibs (Not shown in the picture)

3) Entertainment with stuff that can keep them entertained for at least 15 minutes at a stretch. My little loves books, so I threw in some pocket books, directly into the handbag.

4) My makeup (Saving that for another post!)

In addition to all these pouches, I add an extra set of clothes for the little one, just in case. And my kindle to keep myself entertained while the little one is taking a nap (I am scared of watching videos on the flight entertainment lest the earphone cord tangle in her hands and wake her up. I am paranoid like that, I try and extend her sleeping time by the minute!)

Changing pouch
Food pouch

Entertainment pouch
And last but not the least, do not leave them with your packing unattended. THIS WILL HAPPEN!!!