Monday, 24 March 2014

Hero Product - Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil

If you have been following my blog for a while now then you should be aware that I love a good facial oil. I have raved about the Clarins Lotus and A'kin Rosehip oils in the past. But my stash never felt complete without adding a couple others with cult status in the facial oil world. Enter Tate Pure Maracuja oil, Josie Maran Argan oil and the Nude Pro-genius treatment oil. While the Tarte and JM oils have to be shipped all the way from the USA, I have not been able to loosen my purse strings enough to shell out for the Nude pro genius oil yet (It costs a whopping $78 or approx Rs 6000 for 30ml!!!). Luckily I could get my hands on a sample size of the tarte maracuja oil and have been using it every night for the past 3 weeks and it has been an instant hit with my skin. 

The sample I have is a really good size to be honest, it should last me at least another 6 weeks by the looks of how much I have used so far. I hate it when samples come in a sachet with the teeniest tiniest amount of product in them. This dinky bottle contains more than enough quantity to test the oil before deciding to buy it or not. And I have made my decision already, I need the full size version of it in my life!!!

So what exactly is maracuja oil? 
It is oil hand-pressed from Amazonian passion flower (Say what?!). To be honest guys, I never until now googled what it actually was made of! I just assumed it came from "maracuja nuts" LOL. I don't think that even exists!!! (Note to self - Put a bit of thought into what you slather on to your skin!)

The tarte website quotes "Derived from the Amazonian passion flower, Pure Maracuja Oil is a powerful and intuitive elixir that instantly absorbs into the skin, delivering a high dose of essential fatty acids and vitamin C to hydrate.

Who is it for: Anyone who wants brighter, firmer, and smoother skin."

Does it deliver?
And deliver brighter, firmer, smoother skin it does. Every-Single-Time. I take 6 drops (The bottle says 2-3, but you know me and my obsessive ways!) and gently rub it all over my face and neck. The morning after my skin feels smoother and looks noticeably brighter as well. It leaves no residue whatsoever and gets completely absorbed into the skin. It smells natural, kinda like straw and leaves, I like it! And it has not broken my skin out, which is always a plus!

Overall I think this is a stellar product, ticks all the boxes for being a great facial oil. If you are in the US and can easily get your hands on this oil (I envy you!), then I think it is a must try. Also Sephora does sample versions of this every now and then which is a great way of introducing it into your routine. I will be getting one of these soon when a relative travels back from the US.

Do you have an experience with facial oils at all? What are your thoughts?