Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Haircare - A hero and a dud!

Today's post is all about two super affordable haircare products from the drugstore. One of the two is pretty awesome while the other is an utter dud! The two are Head & Shoulders anti-hairfall conditioner and the Himalaya Protein Shampoo, the former being the hero product and the latter being the dud.

The Hero Product
I have started to really like everything from the H&S range. I have tried quite a few variants of their shampoo, conditioner duos and they have all pretty much wow'ed me. There was a time when H&S used to scare me for being very harsh and stripping on the hair. But these formulations are so gentle and leave hair feeling extremely soft and silky. They are on par with other drugstore hair product favourites of mine, the likes of Pantene and Dove. Highly recommend!

The DUD Product
Now on to the product that single-handedly ruined my hair in a single wash, the Himalaya protein shampoo meant for dry hair with extra moisturising capabilities. YA RIGHT!!! So far I have not had a single product work for me from the Himalaya range. I find their face washes very stripping, face masks ineffective and this shampoo is no exception either. It made my hair feeling so dirty and lank. And my hair is not even that difficult to wash. It is pretty low-maintenance and I use any shampoo that I find in the shower, but this one was particularly bad. I would not recommend this shampoo to the worst of my enemies! I guess you could tell I will not be buying anymore hair products from Himalaya!

I am not one to spend thousands on haircare. In my opinion drugstore products work just as well if not better and are so easy on the pocket. What is your fav (Indian)drugstore shampoo/conditioner duo? 

I have been vacationing in Bangalore the past week. My daughter, I and a few cousins had an absolute blast! Back to Chennai tomorrow. Let me know if you are interested in seeing some pictures from our trip :)