Monday, 10 March 2014

Clothing Haul - Desi version!

My first clothing haul since I moved to India. I got a little too excited seeing all the colours and prints. No more wearing 50 shades of grey!!! No more huge coat covering everything fun you are wearing underneath! 

I have a thing for blue and red combination. I did not realise at that time but two out of the three sets are blue and red! I have to put my brain to use while shopping and actually think of the wardrobe big picture!

BIBA Salwar
The red salwar is a Biba number. I love Biba for the cloth quality and quirky prints. They are on the higher price point side for a salwar, but for me it cuts down having to hunt decent tailors these days.

Tailoring has become so expensive guys! Tailors charge anywhere between Rs 650 to Rs 850 for a salwar and more often than not they produce unsatisfactory results. Anyone else have trouble with tailors?


W Kurta
This paisley printed aqua kurta is from the brand W. Not my favourite of pieces at first sight but I thought I would try it on in store since the material was soft and silky.  When I did it was an "I-HAVE-TO-HAVE-IT" moments in the trial room. It fits me perfectly and the material drapes beautifully. 

Blue/Red Kurta
The kurta is a Melange piece, I love their collection. They fit me like a glove and the brand always has some beautiful designs. This is blue with red and green embroidery on the yoke, so obviously I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!

My Anniversary Gift!!!
Last but not the least is my anniversary gift from hubby dearest :D I have always wanted a half-white silk saree with pink border. He remembered that and sent me a web link to the one he chose(He is still in London!). I took it to the store but unfortunately they did not have that piece and this one was very similar so I got this! (The picture makes it look browner than it actually is. In real life it is half-white and the chevron pattern is not this obvious).

I will definitely do outfit posts with these clothes!!! One thing I absolutely LOVE about being back in India is the clothes!!! All of these were bought in Lifestyle (My fav store!) and the saree is from Palam Silks, Chennai.