Friday, 7 March 2014

Blast From The Past - Wedding pictures!

Today is our third wedding anniversary. In the spirit of the day, I decided to post a few pictures (and embarrass myself in public!) of our wedding, the different events, some pictures of decor and some post wedding photo shoot pictures (which are my fav amongst the bunch which might be due to the fact that I did not have any makeup artist for those, thank God for that!).

First up is a small function called "Nalugu" in telugu. It happens a day or two before the day of the wedding and mostly involves ladies. The function is fully taken care of by the bride's uncles from her mom's side and happens at her maternal grandparents' house. The main purpose of this event is the toe-ring ceremony. Any of you have something similar in your wedding?

I did my own makeup for this event. I still remember every single product I used because back then I only had what I absolutely used on a daily basis.

MAC Mineralise skin finish natural all over the face, Max Factor kohl kajal, Max Factor False lash effect mascara, MAC Cream colour base in Hush for highlighting, MAC Plum foolery on the cheeks and MAC Twig on the lips! I was very happy and comfortable in my makeup that day. 

Next comes the reception, which happens the evening before the actual wedding day. I was debating with myself if I REALLY wanted to post these pictures on the internet. I hated my makeup, my hair, choice of jewellery everything. But in my defense, I had 20 days to do everything before  my wedding. From shopping to makeup artist selection. I attended a single trial and booked her straight away, not because I was happy with her work but because I was too tired by then to go for another! Big mistake. If I could go back and change one thing it would be my makeup artist. Too late now I guess!

Next up is the muhurtham as it is called in tamil or telugu, the actual wedding ceremony. The pic below looks like I have bronzer piled on by the bucket, but no she did not use bronzer at all. Infact I don't even think she knew what bronzer was. Anywho, I liked this better than my reception makeup and hair. 

Back then I always wanted to wear simple and minimalistic jewellery but looking at the pictures now, I wish I had worn a few more layers :P What do you think?

The picture below shows a tradition where the bride and the groom take fists full of rice and slowly let it fall in front of each other's face (Gosh I am struggling here, so bad at explaining stuff decently). One of my friends from college asked me "I heard that in hindu weddings you guys throw balls of rice at each other. Is it true?". All I could say to him was "Hmm the rice is mostly dry, so its ok" :P

Picture below is me coming out triumphant from the "Find the ring in the pot" game :P The priest basically chucks a ring into a pot of water. The newly weds are meant to fight each other and fish it out of the pot, or so I thought. My husband on the other hand wanted me to win, so everytime the ring was chucked in he used to wait a second or two before plunging his hand in, by which time I would have won! I thought I was being clever, but no he is the patient and loving one in the relationship I guess :P

I presume this was held as an ice breaker for the bride and groom who would have seen each other for the first time on their wedding day.

A few decor photos for you. It predominantly consisted of marigold flowers, which is my absolute favourite. Needless to say, I loved the decor on the stage.

Post-wedding casual photos
Lastly, some casual photos that were taken a day after the wedding. I love these photos a lot more than the decked-up ones. We actually look like us in these pictures. Well the hubby looked like himself otherwise too. It is only me who looked all messed up due to the makeup artist!

Hubby, Yours truly, Brother
I hope you enjoyed this uber lengthy, photo overload of a post. Leave your comments below and tell me if you are like me and wince everytime you look at yourself in your wedding photos :P