Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Blast from the past - Honeymoon Pictures (Rome/Pisa)

We went to Rome and Pisa for our honeymoon-1 and a month later we did another honeymoon to Paris. I thought of posting pictures from both the trips in a single post, but there were too many pictures and it concked up my pathetic internet connection! So I split them into two posts.

Given a chance to go back, I would instantly want to go back to Rome. It was so beautiful, it felt like I had gone into a different time period. One thing I did not particularly enjoy though is the heat. It was EXTREME. Avoid June and July at any cost, it was too hot and walking through the ruins of the Roman forum was excruciating. 

I could write an entire essay just about the colosseum, but to save your ears I thought I will post pictures and give one liners about each!

Inside Colisseum - Can't believe there is so much still standing after 2000 years!!!

Vatican visible in the distance

Trevi fountain - So Roman-esque!!! I was so eager to visit this fountain. I had just read Angels and Demons and I think there is a mention of this fountain in the book. There is something so mysteriously beautiful about it, don't you think??? 

First glimpse of Pisa.

Leaning tower of Pisa

Tivoli Beach - We had some time to kill at Pisa and thought we'd visit a nearby beach. It ended up being a nude beach and we were so fully clad, we felt like intruders!


The Altar - The picture does not do justice to the monstrosity and the beauty of the altar. And that streak of sunlight, ugh so damn beautiful!

The dome above the altar.

Fruit shops open in the evening. We took an evening stroll along the old Roman streets. The streets come to life in the evening with so many small street artists and these fruit shops. The fruits were so fresh, it almost looked like they were made of plastic.

Pantheon - Temple of all Gods.

All trains had graffiti on them. Dirty looking in my opinion!
Hope the pictures conveyed at least some spirit of the ancient city of Rome. Looking back at the pictures makes me want to go somewhere in Europe, I still have so much to see and do there. Before I got a chance, I had a baby and things started revolving around her completely. I have done a lot of travelling even with the little one in tow, but everything has been in and around the UK. Ahhhh I need a vacation!!!