Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bad Clay Mask = Excellent Cleanser

Remember I wrote a post all about how this Pure & Radiant face mask from Clarins has been a total let down? Well I have found a way of using it and actually being happy with the results rather than sulking about what a waste of money it was. Instead of slathering it on like a face mask and waiting 15 or 20 odd minutes, I have started using it as a face wash. Not a daily one at that, but only on days when my face resembles an oil pan. The mask/face wash instantly takes care of the excess oil and I am left with a non-frying-pan'esque face!

I know this is not ideal and is a bad justification for a bad beauty product, but is it not better to find a use for a product rather than let it lie around untouched? 

If you have one of those dud face masks that don't deliver a thing, then try using it as a face wash. It might turn out to be a nice quick fix for a beauty problem, oily face in my case and you don't have to keep guiltily staring at it everytime you look at it in your beauty cabinet :)

PS: My next few posts are going to be related to the picture below. Any guesses what they might be?! ;)

Check out my double chin!!! In my defense I was way too happy to care about how I looked!