Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Winter Outfits - Part II (OOTD featuring my favourite knits)

I can't believe I never posted part-II of the winter outfit series! Part-I is here.

I remember taking pictures in one more cozy knit outfit but I can't quite find the pictures on my hard disk :( I'd rather post just two outfits than let them go un-used, so here they are!

Outfit 1 (Shown above)

One of my fav winter outfits! I wore that sweater to absolute death, but it still looks as good as new. Love the colour, the softness of it, the turtle neck and how warm it used to keep me during the cold weather season.

Sweater - Uniqlo
Grey Jeans - Uniqlo
Black boots - Dune
Black bag - Clarks

Shown below is yet another murky photo of me wearing the sweater at work with a grey pencil skirt.

Outfit 2
Not a big fan of this outfit. It makes me look very round and chubby! But I love that sweater to death. This is my casual dinner with hubby outfit. 

Sweater - Banana Republic
Black jeggings - uniqlo
Black pumps - Jones
Black bag - Banana Republic


I used to love posting outfit pictures. I have so many OOTD posts when I was still living in London. Main reason being I used to dress up to work everyday and I put some effort into my clothes. Now that I am at home with my little one, I hardly ever get the inspiration to dress up on a daily basis. I think I should start! 

Btw do you guys know to drive a car? I am starting driving lessons tomorrow. Being dependant on my dad to drive me around everywhere is driving me crazy! I am not so scared of the traffic. It is the car boundaries that terrify me, I am always thinking I will read-end a car by not knowing where the car starts and ends! Wish me luck!!!