Thursday, 6 February 2014

Teeny Tiny Duty-Free Haul

Duty-free never fails to set my heart in a flurry. But more often than not, I walk out flustered and overwhelmed not knowing what to buy. This time though I was feeling extremely spendy and decided to strike a few items off of my makeup wish-list

I headed straight to the Chanel counter wanting to buy the Rouge coco shine lipstick in the shade Antigone (Aarthi's and Krithi's recommendation). But Antigone apparently is not available worldwide. So I settled for something that was so out of my comfort zone, a bright coral/orange-y red shade called Rebelle. I have already worn it to a friend's wedding without feeling in the slightest bit scared or self-conscious. I will give it a few more trials and write a full on review on the formula and my thoughts on the product. There was one more pink that caught my eyes, forgot what it was called. Next time at duty free the pinky will be mine!

From Chanel to YSL. Can you tell I was on a lipstick high that day?! This was purely enabled by Krithi. She had recommended YSL Pink in Paris here and it stuck in my head ever since. I tried several shades that day but nothing blew me away like this one. I haven't had a chance to wear this out, so don't have anything to say about the formula but I sure LOVE the packaging, needless to say of course.

The third item was completely unplanned. It is the Armani eyes to kill excess mascara. This purchase makes me guilty and I am yet to indulge in it. Hopefully the quality is good enough to make my guilt go away! 

That is two items off of the wishlist and it is still only January :P You know how it went with the Giorgio Armani foundation that is on the wishlist too!