Thursday, 20 February 2014

Technique to stop a pimple in it's tracks!

This genius method to stop an upcoming pimple in its tracks been tried and tested by yours truly. In my teens I have tried some bizarre stuff to achieve the same, like applying toothpaste on thepimple which almost burnt a hole in my cheek! Luckily that did not happen this time. This double masking technique literally stopped an under-the-skin pimple (one that was coming up right at the tip of  my nose!) from becoming a volcano. Here is how to do it -

1) Exfoliate the skin with a deep penetrating exfoliating mask
I used the Avene Cleanance mask. I have used this mask thrice so far at once-a-week frequency and it has produced stellar results every one of those times. It contains AHAs and BHAs (Google to better understand what they are, rather than me giving half-cooked explanations) to deep penetrate the pores and extract gunk and what not. It also helps rid skin of any dead cells from the surface revealing new baby soft skin.

This is extremely effective on pimples that are yet to show on the surface but are lurking in the background. You know, the ones that cause a bit of pain one day and the next morning look the size of mount kilimanjaro?! In my case it appears mostly at the tip of the nose, always areas which can cause maximum embarrassment, I swear pimples have a mind of their own! On to step-2 in the war against the upcoming pimple!

2) Apply a mud mask
Mud masks are the classic weapons for deep cleansing. To remove gunk that has accumulated over time that has escaped the everyday cleansing. The mask also penetrates the pores to extract everything that is currently blocking them. This is more like an addendum to the above step to ensure everything bad has been ploughed away thoroughly. 

I used the Boots botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask for this step. I sometimes even alternate with the Queen helene mint julep mask. I personally prefer the former to the latter because the boots offering is very very easy to spread, dries quickly and is the easiest mud mask to take off, one splash of water and it is off the face completely. Not to mention the results, it always delivers bright looking skin. Yet it is so affordable.

I always thought a mask immediately after another would be too much for the skin, but I can vouch that this combination works wonders. There is nothing better than clean skin and this delivers just that. As for the under-the-skin pimples, they pretty much disappear after one sitting of this two-mask wonder! 

Would you try this method of face mask-ing? What are your fan face masks?