Sunday, 9 February 2014

Review - Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal

This is by far the creamiest kohl pencil I have ever encountered. It is so soft and creamy, glides effortlessly along the upper lashline and waterline and is very very black. The sharpening might put some people off, but I am ok with the little bit of wastage considering the price of the pencil. It is also waterproof, not something I get very excited over cause it is a bitch to remove at the end of the day and requires double cleansing to fully get rid of!

The creaminess however makes the nib stubby pretty quickly leading to frequent sharpening. And the softness of the pencil means a little bit of smudging here and there, but nothing major. I for one like my kohl a little bit smudged. I think it gives it a more lived-in look which is not the case with the sort of perfect line you get with liquid liners. It will be a dream for people who prefer to smudge their kohl out with a cotton bud for that kohl'ed eye effect.

I have been very very loyal to my max factor kohl pencil, one of which lasted me 3 years. The Max factor pencil is very good but not as black and soft as the Rimmel. I also strayed into the land of the Lakme absolute kohl which is good but the Rimmel one is miles better, even though the Lakme counterpart is a twist up pen. 

Overall I am in love with this Kohl pencil, I think the Scandaleyes line from Rimmel is great quality at really affordable prices. I am dying to try out their liquid eye shadows, sounds like it will be perfect for eyeshadow virgins like me.

What is your favourite kohl? Or are you more into liquid and gel liners? I want to try the Lakme eyeconic and maybelline colossal next!