Friday, 21 February 2014

Refrigerator beauty cabinet!

One of the "joys" of amassing beauty products in a cold country and lugging them to the equator is you open a jar of face wash expecting it to be solid and it ends up all over your pyjama in an oily mess! You know how hair oil goes white and solid in the winter whereas come summer it is nice and liquid-y? The same happened with all of my face balms and pure coconut oils. Balm products are all oil based and it was a nightmare using them in the liquid form. 

Solution - Mark your territory in your mum's fridge, not for fruits and chocolates but for fancy skincare! Although don't forget to remind your dad and brother that the yummy smelling tub is not pudding!

From left to right
1) EH Moringa cleansing balm - This stuff melts within few minutes of leaving out or within a second of touching my fingers! 

2) balance Me Cleansing balm - Imagine squeezing a runny liquid out of a tube. Above said oily pyjama accident becomes inevitable! Brilliant stuff though.

3) Merumaya cleansing balm - Yet to start using this, but left it in the fridge just in case.

4) Pure organic coconut oil - Refrigerated for obvious reasons. I actually prefer my oil straight out of the fridge.

I am Supria and I have a balm cleanser addiction. Enough said!

Let's play "I spy" - I spy something starting with K in the picture below (Anybody else's mum obsessed with stuffing the entire world into the refrigerator???)