Monday, 24 February 2014

Empties & Replacements #2

I have almost stopped doing empties posts for two reasons. A) I forget to store empty containers B) They are a tad bit boring! I can't believe I featured a Head & Shoulders empty bottle in this post, embarrassing! I know you are wondering, then why the hell are you writing today's post?! Hmm honestly I too am wondering the same!!! But I recently finished up some of my most loved products and thought they deserved a send-off post. So here it is.

1) Eysilix Eye Cream
This is a gem of an eye cream from Indeed labs. I am not saying this is a miracle product in that it did not make my dark circles go away, but I enjoyed using it for the reason that it made my eye area look tight and less baggy. It definitely showed a visible difference every time I used it. Trust me when I say I have never finished an eye cream in the past, simply because they often do nothing and are a waste of time. This is not one of those products. 

Replacement? Ole Henrickson total truth eye cream SPF 15
I would repurchase Eysilix in the blink of an eye but I have other eye creams lurking in the background that need to get used. Hence delaying the repurchase.

2) Hydraluron
Yet another Indeed labs product and a definite gem. This is jam-packed with hyaluronic acid which helps inject and retain moisture in the skin thereby giving a youthful plumped up appearance. I LOVE this product to death. Full rave train here.

Replacement? Nothing yet. I have added a new serum into my routine, Merumaya Iconic youth serum but it is not a like for like replacement.

I am looking for a certain Hyalugel which costs a mere Rs100 recommended by Parita, who claims the two are dupes of each other. It has been playing hard to get but I will track it down no matter what. Fingers crossed it does not disappoint cause the price difference is MASSIVE. I am talking in the thousands of rupees.

3) Phytokeratine Ultra repairing mask
This product was part of the haul shown here. I was so excited about trying the shampoo/mask duo because Phyto products have been on my wishlist forever. But it turned out to be a total disappointment. It did nothing for my hair, in fact it made it feel coarse and dry. Seriously not impressed.

Replacement? Pantene Silky Smooth care conditioner. Much much better than its predecessor in my opinion.

With a sad face I am throwing the empty containers of Eysilix and Hydraluron away. Not so sad about the conditioner though. Except for the novel metal packaging, I liked nothing about it. 

I am thinking of keeping a neat little schedule for the blog, a new post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. What do you think? 

I do not want to commit to a post daily because I already know I will fail at it miserably. I do not want to make up some nonsense just for the sake of posting. I only write when I truly have something fun to share. Hopefully the fun element has been communicated to you peeps. Also thanks to each and every one of you who take the time to leave a comment, it truly cheers me up like you would never imagine. **Wipes at a single tear** lol I joke!