Monday, 10 February 2014

Clarins Pure and Radiant mask with Pink Clay

Finally the ugly side table at my parents' place was put to some use. Tidbit - It is much older than I am!

Just when I thought Clarins rocks came this Pure and Radiant mask with Pink Clay. I love everything about it except for the fact that after 3 trials I cannot see any visible results whatsoever. Good news is it did not break my skin out so I will happily continue using the tube, but the bad news is that it made no difference in the radiance arena, which means not a repurchase item for sure. This is such a shame considering the rest of its qualities - smells good, feels like cold cream so is very easy to spread and dries down to a thin paper like layer which is easy to wash off. On first application I was sure it was going to be instant love but it left me very disappointed. Hence decided upon writing a short review to record my thoughts, in case someone out there is interested in this product. Let me know if you have tried this and think otherwise?

This has not put me off the brand for sure because the rest of the products I tried have been brilliant. I am even tempted to try their makeup line! Any recommendations?