Friday, 24 January 2014

The Perfect Lip Gloss

Clockwise from top - Rose Canaille, Rose Kiss, Rose Peche

I never thought the day would come when I'd be singing the praises of a lip gloss. If someone asked me what piece of makeup I absolutely hated, lip glosses would have been right up there next to under-eye concealers (Yes I hate under-eye concealers, not one so far has given me a naturally concealed look. Lets keep that for a separate post, shall we?!). But now that I have discovered the By Terry Laque de rose,  all that hatred has been reserved only for MAC lipglasses which are so sticky you could keep them in your stationery box in place of glue! I have been wearing these By terry glosses non-stop ever since I bought them on a 50% off sale for 14.99 (Approx Rs 1500). I initially bought just one and one week later I just HAD to stock up on two more! 

A little bit of recap on my lips, they are chronically dry. If I forget to moisturise on a single morning they will end up feeling like sandpaper. I am forever on the hunt for lip products that are moisturising, matte lipsticks scare the heck out of me. But ever since I discovered this gloss I haven't reached for my HG lip products, Barriedem and Ceralip. I love those two so much that it pains me to say this, but seriously guys this is huge for me. My lips have never felt so "normal". There is absolutely NO peeling, no chapping, none of that crazyness going on. They are as good as perfect!

The website says

A sumptuous balm packed with active ingredients to thoroughly moisturise and condition lips as well as protect from harmful UV rays. The natural colour and subtly glossy finish will brighten and care for your smile.

The description is spot on. The colours add an instant lift to my face. The formula is also perfect, non-sticky, yet not watery like some glosses that just leak off from the corners of the mouth, yuck! (Lip glosses seem to have scarred me for life lol). It stays on for 3-4 hours easily but will not survive a meal or coffee, which I am ok with since reapplication is a joy. I LOVE the rose scent of it. OK before I write more & more "I LOVE" sentences let me wrap up and say, I LOVE these glosses to death. They have single handedly given me "normal" lips, that no other lip balm could do let alone a gloss. They are worth every single penny I spent on them!

Are you a gloss lover? Or are you a fan of those sexy super matte lips? 

Taken at the end of the day, hence the shiny face! Wearing Rose Canaille on the lips.

By Terry Laque De Rose - Rose Canaille