Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Ghost Face - FOTD


After my French pharmacy shopping fix, I headed to Selfridges for some high-end makeup browsing. It was my only chance to try the Giorgio armani foundation (It even has a spot in my makeup wishlist for 2014) because I do not have access to the brand where I live (East-London) and travelling to Central London is not an everyday occurence in my diary (even though it takes only 20 minutes!).

The SA (named Georgios) gave me a full face makeover with the GA Luminuous silk Foundation. It is definitely much higher coverage than what I usually go for. It is the kind of coverage that totally made me feel conscious walking in public. It looked like there was a mismatch between my makeup and my clothes, wedding makeup but dressed in garbs :P

As always I did not buy the foundation right away, I took a sample so I get a chance to play with it in combination with the tools I own and also to see how it looks on me in natural light. He was happy to give me a sample but he also used this punch line "If Kim Kadarshian wears a foundation then everyone ought to wear it too" :P Apparently she wears the luminous silk, but I am certainly not going to buy something just coz she loves it!

Guys, I have to tell you I am so relieved I did not buy the foundation. I think he chose a shade too light for me which was not apparent at all in store ligting. I took a picture of myself when I was out in the sun and look how it makes me look. Ghastly and ghostly at the same time!!! Do you agree?! I cannot stress enough on getting foundation samples and not having to buy straight away. Even if the SA is reluctant, tell them you will buy the foundation but also insist on taking a sample so you can try before you open the full size, giving you the opportunity to exchange for a better colour match. Win-Win situation for both the SA and yourself.

Self-Humiliating on the internet!!!

GA Eyes To Kill Mascara is awesome!
I haven't had time to play with the sample at home, but comparing it with benefit hello flawless and the chanel vita lumiere aqua, it looks lighter in the packaging (Not obvious in the picture though). I also want to test to see if it really is full coverage or if the SA applied way too much on me. I find some high-end makeup artists getting slap happy with base proucts, they layer too much. Not everyone is a full-coverage kind of girl you know, I am certainly not one. I will report back when I have made up my mind on whether I want to own it in full-size or not.

Interesting fact - Kim Kardashian wears a shade 6.5 in GA luminous silk. My shade is 7.5. I was slightly surprised she is lighter skin toned than me, the SA said she wears loads of bronzer. Not sure how he knows so much about her though!