Monday, 20 January 2014

The Friday Evening Pamper


Friday evening is usually pamper time in my household - which to me means wear my fav pyjamas, brew a good cuppa, slather a clay mask and roam around the house scaring anyone who crosses my path. But last Friday I opted for the much less scary looking Avene Cleanance mask. I currently have a terrible breakout by the side of my chin and wanted any help I could get to make the area heal faster and not leave any marks behind. This mask I have heard is really good for oily breakout prone skin which perfectly defines my skin at the moment. 

My skin still goes crazy around that time of the month, I am 28 and I breakout like a teenager. Arrghhh it annoys me how when I was a teenager with horrid skin, the elders in my life kept saying "You cross 18 and the acne will disappear", big fat liars!!!

I first wash my face with a balm cleanser and then apply the mask to clean, dry skin. I have to warn you guys, it tingles like crazy for the first few seconds. But in my dictionary that is a really good thing, a sign that the stuff is working! While I let it do its thing I also moisturise my lips with whatever lip balm I can find that moment. That is it, sit back and relax with your coffee while the mask works its magic (hopefully) on your face. I have only used this mask once so cannot give a definite verdict on it yet, but the pimples have dried up(yuck!) considerably and do not feel as raw anymore. 

Do you have a pampering routine? What are your fav pamper products of choice?