Monday, 6 January 2014

Shopping the Sales - Makeup Haul

Size comparison with MAC Blush
After-Christmas sales is one of my biggest weaknesses. I find it very hard resisting when a lot of the stuff is discounted by 70%. It almost feels like a crime not participating in the sales! But you know how makeup and skincare are seldom discounted, maybe because they are not seasonal. However the makeup that I hauled were marked down 50% which later I found out was due to them being discontinued.

I am new to the brand By Terry. I have never tried their products mainly because they are very very expensive where makeup is considered. For starters, their foundations are in the Rs 6300 price range. But you know how rave reviews and massive discounts never fail to get even the most sensible of us. I caved and placed an order for the By Terry Blush Veloute Sheer Cream Blush in the shade Ginger Glaze. The shade is right up my alley, a peachy terracotta adding the perfect warmth to the face and if you know me well you will know how I am all for cream blushers. I have confessed my love for them in this post.

My first reaction on seeing the blush was "This is tiny!". Check how it compares to a MAC blush in size. I am yet to give it a proper road test, but from swatching it I think I am going to fall in love with this one. 

The second product is a lip gloss from by Terry. If you read this post, you would know how much I hate lip glosses, because in my opinion they are mostly sticky, tacky feeling ultra-shimmery things. I hate the stickiness and can never keep them on my lips for more than 2 seconds. So when I ordered the By Terry Laque De Rose in the shade Canaille Rose I was rather dubious. But I couldn't have been more wrong. Ever since I received it, I have been reaching for it every single time I feel the need for some lip hydration. I wish every lip gloss on the planet was made like this. I am suddenly not so scared of glosses and might actually consider giving them a second chance (However I am definitely not getting another MAC lipgloss ever, they are nothing but fevicol in a shiny tube!). Since I loved this gloss so much I decided to order it in two other shades while they still are on sale. I love it that much. I will certainly be writing a full post on it.

That wraps up my makeup haul from the sales, you see how I did good restraining myself? Well, I was not so good where clothes and skincare are concerned! Haul posts soon to come.