Sunday, 12 January 2014

Shopping the sales - Clothing Haul

White/Pink Flannel shirt - I could live my entire life in flannel shirts!
Maroon cable knit jumper - Worn in this outfit post.
Navy silk Blouse - I LOVE this shirt. It is so flattering on, combines two of my favourite things, silk and polka dots. What more can I ask for?!
Ultra stretch skinny jeans - In light wash blue, purple, pink.

The winter sales have been really good this time. I found some crazy bargains like the Uniqlo ultra stretch skinny jeans above, reduced from £29 (Rs 2900) to £4 (Rs 400)!!! I own a grey pair bought on full price which I wear all the time and have been waiting for them to go on sale. This style is the most flattering, comfortable, truly skinny jeans ever - no baggy waist, no saggy crotch n all! Can't wait to wear the pink jeans come summer. You can see me wearing the purple pair in the picture below.  We drove to a seaside town called Whitstable yesterday. A small quiant town with the best shopping ever, a whole street lined with the prettiest local shops :D

I think this is the first picture of my bambino on the blog. She is an absolute doll complete with her hot pink jacket, bunny gloves and hat :D I am going to call her Bambino on the blog :) 

Need to sort out this pile to write my next post on what skincare I hauled in the sale. I am truly addicted to skincare, I MUST stop buying :(