Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Scotland trip in pictures

Glencoe - Unedited picture. It was so utterly humbling to be in front of those grand mountains. Spot an Inn somewhere?

Love those alleyways in Edinburgh - Very Harry Potter-esque

The Charming Edinburgh Old City

University of Edinburgh - Where the husband graduated from!

View over the city - Fall colours


LOVE these stairs - I always get a picture here!

The cottage where we stayed - So utterly cozy!

View outside the cottage - Unspoilt nature at its best!

Sharing a few pictures with you guys from a Scotland trip we took in October last year (I have been meaning to do this post ever since, finally managed to upload some pictures 3 months later!). We travelled around Scotland twice last year, once in the summer, which I have already shared some pictures of here and once in fall. I couldn't pick a favourite as both times the landscape was so different and both were equally stunning. It is by far the most beautiful country I  have visited so far and I will decide to go back there anyday in the blink of a second! Hope you liked the pictures as much as I do!