Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Moisturiser for oily skin dried out by treatments - La Roche Posay Review

This is a  moisturiser meant for oily skin that has been dried out by harsh skin treatments. Have you come across that tight feeling after you wash face with foaming cleansers? I have and it is definitely not pleasant. You will almost instantly reach for the nearest moisturiser so you can put some moisture back in. I wish I had this sitting in my bathroom shelf at that point in time

How I use it
It is a light-weight creamy texture with a citrusy scent to it, nothing offensive. It works by forming a thin film on the skin forming a barrier against the elements.  For me this is not a day moisturiser simply because my skin is not dry and I don’t feel the need for such an intense moisturiser on a daily basis. To me it is a tad bit on the richer side making it a nightly pampering product. On days that I do use it in the AM, I see myself reaching for my beloved MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation just to keep things from becoming too much.

That being said I am very sure this moisturiser will be a treat for dry skin or tight-feeling skin. The best part is that the results are felt almost instantly. It will be brilliant to relieve the itchiness and dryness caused by acne treatments on skin. I love this moisturiser for being the most nourishing, soothing and calming of the ones I have tried so far. It is so freaking affordable at just £8 per 40ml (Approx Rs 800).

How does it compare to Clinique DDMG?
I would say they are not comparable at all. DDMG is for skin that is on the normal and problem-free side of things, it is a very light moisturiser, one that I reach for on days I want to wear a liquid foundation. DDMG is undetectable on the skin, whereas the LRP counterpart is very very nourishing and you can slightly feel it on the skin depending on how generously you apply it. This to me is more of a treatment product than an everyday moisturiser.

I am now intrigued to give the mattifying version of the LRP  moisturiser a go. So far I am so darn happy with every LRP product I have tried, I think the brand does brilliant  non-offensive skincare with quality ingredients while keeping it very affordable too. Is this something you would try? What is your fav moisturiser?