Thursday, 2 January 2014

MAC Sweetie - My kind of pink lipstick

This post has been postponed indefinite number of times due to the lack of a lip swatch. I personally find posts with lip swatches or even better FOTDs more interesting and useful than ones with swatches on the hand. So I had to have atleast a lip swatch while writing about my favourite lipstick. Problem was I kept deleting every picture I took sooner than I clicked them, owing to flaky lips, moustache visibility (Upper lip waxing terrifies me :P) and a million other reasons. Finally today I thought I'll post it anyways and let you guys decide!
Introducing you all to my favourite pink lipstick - MAC Sweetie. It is a lustre finish which is my favourite kind from MAC, very sheer, very light-weight and moisturising. Which makes it not the best in the longevity department, it lasts maybe an hour or two at a stretch before needing re-application. Reapplying is so easy, no need to be precise at all, just swipe it on with a free hand and voila, shiny pink lips at your disposal. This particular shade is very shimmery, which is not something I generally prefer, but it somehow works really well in this case. It is not glitter and not frost, but subtle shimmer which seems to instantly bring the lipstick and my face to life. I am currently on my second tube of this and will definitely repurchase.
I am on the lookout for lipsticks that are not the usual safe mauve nude shades that I go for. Something that will make me look more awake and put together. I am eyeing the YSL lipsticks. Do you have any budget-friendly suggestions? What would you pick if I asked you to choose one favourite lipstick of yours?