Thursday, 23 January 2014

Expert Face Brush vs Buffing Brush - Real Techniques

RT Expert Face Brush; RT Buffing Brush

I am writing this post with the intention of trying to clear doubts, the likes of what I had before trying both of these RT brushes - expert face brush and the buffing brush. Jumping right in!

The expert face brush is sold individually costing near the £9.99 (Approx. Rs 900) mark and is meant to be used with cream or liquid foundations. The bristles are short, densely packed and quite firm, which makes applying foundation to the entire face a bit of a time consuming task. To me this is the perfect brush for blending cream products over a small area, read cream blushers. Having said that, the expert face brush will make for an awesome foundation brush for someone with a tad bit more patience and time than I do. So it is down to personal preference really, I personally never reach for this for a foundation job but use it all the time if I want to fix a cream blush job gone overboard!

Now on to the buffing brush, it is not sold individually which is a total bummer coz if it was then I would have easily bought one more to add to my brush collection. You have to shell out £21.99 or £29.99 for the core collection or Sam's picks brush sets (I bought the latter - shown here). Which in my opinion is worth it only if you are going to use the rest of the brushes that come in the set. If not then for the price of the set you could get a really good quality Mac brush. Anywho that is the cons done, lets talk about the pros shall we?

It is perfect for applying liquid foundation. It takes no more than 2 minutes to blend out liquid over a full face leaving behind a nice even finish. The bristles compared to the expert face brush are long yet dense, giving them room for movement. It gives a tad bit more coverage than the expert face bush. The RT website says this is meant to be used with powder or mineral makeup but I wouldn't simply because it is too small for applying powder.

Summing up if I absolutely had to pick one of the two, it will have to be the buffing brush for the ease with which it applies liquid makeup. You could quite easily give the expert face brush a miss. When it comes to cream blushers absolutely nothing can beat your fingers at it!