Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Clarins Lotus Oil

My love for facial oils is stronger than ever before. There are so many facial oils on the market these days. The ones I have tried have all been love at first use, nowhere near being greasy, delivering lust-worthy hydrated and plumped up skin overnight. Today's review is all about one such beaut, the Clarins lotus facial oil.

Clarins Lotus Oil is meant to be used as a night treatment. I massage about 4-6 drops onto my face and neck areas. Come morning, skin feels nicely hydrated and soft. I alternate this with A'kin Rosehip oil which feels much more nourishing on the skin compared to the clarins offering, but I see myself reaching for the latter over the Rosehip oil mainly due to the gorgeous scent. It smells very calming adding a touch of luxury to a night-time pamper and puts me in the mood for a slumber. This might sound rather odd to you guys, but something about it just makes me feel pampered and ready for bed! (Maybe I am a little crazy).

The packaging is also perfect for this type of product. Glass bottle with a pipette, not the most travel friendly but I prefer glass to a plastic packaging. Yet another bonus is that the oil is derived from 100% plant oils containing 

-Essential oils of Rosewood and Geranium and Lotus extract: purify and normalise.

-Hazelnut oil: helps prevent moisture loss and signs of ageing.

(Lifted from the Clarins website)

I am a facial oil convert, they are much more nourishing compared to conventional moisturisers and one or two drops are enough to cover an entire face in the AM. At night though I tend to go overboard and use 6 drops which is solely down to my obsessive ways, you absolutely don't need that much! The Lotus oil is meant for Combination/Oily skin types. Clarins also makes one for dry and another for dehydrated skin types.

A couple of months ago I bought some items on a blog sale from the lovely Stacey who VERY sweetly included samples of the Josie Maran Argan Oil and the Tarte Maracuja Oil. The former lasted me 4 uses and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'd say it is very similar to the rosehip oil in consistency and end result. I will definitely be getting my hands on it when a relative travels from the US!