Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Adios London! Final pack up

My uber colourful check-in baggage

I had no ideas for a blogpost today amidst all the packing for the big move back to India. It is finally happening, we are relocating to India after a 4 year long stay in the UK. We always knew we wanted to go back one day and that day is finally here. Amidst friends here who are a little bit sad to see us leave and family back home who think we are mad to want to exchange all this comfort and luxury for a stressful, polluted, traffic-full life are two and a half people who are extremely stoked about the move. I am looking forward to starting life together from scratch (It is like getting married to el hub all over again!) and seeing what new things come our way. Not to mention the number of travel adventures we are excited about embarking upon! I might write another post to record my sentiments about the move, why we wanted to move and all of those boring details. Will you guys be interested in listening to that sort of a ramble??!

I have nothing else to say right now. These are a few pictures I took while packing beauty stuff, also showing what I will be carrying with me on the flight beauty-wise. Hope you enjoy perusing!

In-flight beauty bits

Stuff that might not leak

Stuff highly likely of leaking - Bubble wrapped and secured in 10 plastic bags

Mostly samples and leak-proff stuff thrown into a plastic bag

Oils - Disastrous if leakage happens, so bubble wrapped and secured inside several layers of plastic baggage!

Makeup bits

The near empty MAC blush palette wrapped safe in my jeans

More makeup, mostly brushes and everything that is long 
Stuff still on the counters that I should be packing up right now instead of chatting with you all!
Oh, maybe I should have warned you all it was going to  be a picture heavy post. Better late than never!

I don't know when my next blog post is going to be. I have NO posts scheduled and the internet at my parents' place is not the best I hear. Until next time, adios y'all lovely readers!