Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Say NO to cotton pads!

Merry Christmas Everyone! If christmas is not your thing then I hope you are having a great day off!
Should I call this "saying NO to cotton pads" thing my new year resolution! If I do, then it will be one of the very few that I actually keep up! Unlike my “keep fit, eat healthy” ones that I never fail to make and never fail to fail at! I digress…

So one night when I was doing my evening skincare routine, I noticed I had run out of cotton pads. There was a backup pack sitting right under the sink, but it had been long forgotten as were the 5 bottles of shampoos, 10 shower caps from various hotel stays and a whole host of other things. To tackle the emergency situation I squirted out the usual 3 pumps of facial toner (Pixi Glow Tonic) and gently pressed it all over my face. But it ended up being way TOO much, it looked like I had splashed my face with water(Obviously I exaggerate, but you get the point right?!). Usually with the cotton pad, I do 2-3 pumps for the face and another 1-2 for the neck, which means the cotton pad absorbs about half the product and only the rest goes for actual toning, which is a complete waste of product and thereby money!

Since that light bulb moment, I have foregone using cotton pads in my skincare routine. I don’t want to be exfoliating or toning a cotton pad, instead I want all the goodness to go directly to my face. And I have been enjoying the whole tactile experience of pressing toner into my face. I don’t see any disadvantages to doing this, no reduction in efficacy of the product and absolutely no changes to the way my skin feels.

There are a lot more advantages to note though
1)    No product wastage, which means products last a lot longer than they would otherwise (The glow tonic would last me twice as long :O)

2)    Money saving, not only from the saved product but also from not having to buy cotton pads (I agree they are cheap, but any saving is good saving right?)

3)    Less garbage - since I stopped using cotton pads, I have noticed myself emptying the waste bin in the bathroom less frequently, which means less rubbish, which is always a good thing in terms of saving the earth and all.

I am not saying I will never use a cotton pad, I will have a pack in my vanity for the odd makeup clean-up job, but I am just trying to break the habit of using it every single day and evening.

Have you made your newyear resolutions? Would you forego the cotton pad or is it too good to take off your routine?