Friday, 20 December 2013

Real Techniques Brush Collection - Sam's Picks

Today's post is all about the limited edition Real Techniques brush collection featuring 6 of Samantha Chapman's favourites. I have spoken about their blush brush here. I also own their Expert face brush which is pretty good for applying liquid foundation. I mainly use it to blend cream blush or sometimes under-eye concealer.
I was contemplating buying the core collection for a while mainly because I wanted to try the buffing brush. But the rest of the that kit did not particularly interest me. When I saw this collection though I was very sure I had to have it. Three of these six are brushes I will get a lot of use out of. It houses the following -
  1. Powder brush - Ideal for dusting setting powder all over the face.
  2. Pointed Foundation brush - This is one brush that I am not sure about. It looks really small and is very scantily packed. I think it might take a while to do an entire face of foundation with it. I will find some other use for it, like placing under-eye concealer.
  3. Buffing brush - Ideal for buffing liquid foundation to get an airbrushed finish.
  4. Setting brush - Ideal for under-eye concealer blending
  5. Crease brush - I dont do eye makeup, so might be one to save for the future. But it is really soft though!
  6. Liner brush - Ideal for applying gel liner. It is very thin and stiff. Feels like really good quality stuff.
As with any RT brush, these are all incredibly soft and fantastic quality for the price. This set cost me approximately Rs 2300, which comes in at Rs 400 per brush which is incredible value for such good quality brushes.
You can order RT brushes with free worldwide delivery from FeelUnique.