Saturday, 7 December 2013

Naughty Friday Evening Purchase - Makeup!

Friday evenings  make me so damn happy, happy enough make me loosen my purse strings to oblivion! Do you guys feel spendy on Fridays after work? I do. Almost all of my guilt-free indulgent purchases are made on Fridays or when my hubby takes me shopping and says "Buy what you want" (which has not happened in a while, I should hint him soon!) I bought these two beauties one such evening, actually no, I lie. I bought these on two different Fridays, but combined them into one post.

With the days getting darker at like 4PM, it has become so difficult for me to take decent quality pictures for the blog since my work day finishes at 5 and I am home never before 6PM. I have to keep the lights on for photos which completely changes the colour of the product, nothing can beat natural lighting for a good photograph. Cribbing and complaining apart, shall we now put these two babies in the spotlight?!

My first NARS purchase - Having seen and heard so much about NARS products I knew it was only a matter of time before I bought something from them. As the name of the blog suggests, I LOVE blushers the most amongst all other makeup items. They make me strangely happy! So obviously I bought a blusher. I went to my nearest counter with a few in mind - Oasis, Gina, Deep Throat and Taj Mahal. First up, the SA applied Taj Mahal on me and it literally scared me crazy. It is ORANGE. Then Gina, Oasis and finally Deep throat. I loved how Gina looked on me and I always have a soft corner for terracotta, peachy brown blushers (My absolute fav being MAC Gingerly), but the SA and her friend kept saying Deep throat looks so much better on me, so I went for it. I will do a detailed dissection when I have had some time with it.

My first Chanel purchase - This is my first Chanel makeup purchase, I have had perfumes from them in the past but as far as makeup is concerned I am a total Chanel newbie and again I obviously went for a blusher! Can you see a pattern here?! But atleast I was a bit brave and bought a cream blusher (in a terracotta shade of course :P). This one is called Destiny and is a cream to powder formula you can apply with fingers or a brush.  These have amazing reviews online, I cannot wait to dig in. 

The Chanel SA gave me a few samples of the vita lumiere aqua foundation in 50 Beige when I told her I did not get on well with their Perfection Lumiere offering. I have used it once and so far I think I really like it! A new foundation purchase on the cards?!