Tuesday, 17 December 2013

MAC Prep & Prime Lip - Confused!

Mac Prep + Prime lip is a not so much a cult favourite but everyone who tries it seems to fall head over heels in love with it.

The MAC website states
A colour-free base to wear under lipstick. Adds light moisture, smoothes and refines the lips. Improves the appearance of applied lip products.

MUA has rated it so high I thought “oh why not, I think this will work for me”. But after several uses I find this stuff so confusing. It does absolutely nothing for me. It is a white lip balm textured product housed in a twist-up tube. It has the classic MAC vanilla scent and the outer packaging is not the usual boring matte black, instead it is a sparkly glossy tube. But what is inside is what counts right? Inside the white stick is very very hard, it does not glide smoothly on my lips, instead it feels like I am rubbing hard soap on them. My lips do not feel moisturised, heck they don’t even feel like there is any product at all. It feels like nothingness!

I am so intrigued and confused by all the positive reviews on MUA saying it is so moisturising and soothing and prolongs wear of lipsticks. Makes me wonder if I have a defective piece or if I am doing something terribly wrong with the application.

I wear MAC lustre lipsticks most of the time and with this underneath nothing different or ground-breaking happens. Nothing to make the lipstick appear vibrant or nothing to elongate wear time. I am so confused and I feel bad writing a negative review for something that seems like a favourite of so  many people. Have you ever tried MAC lip prep+prime? If yes, then what did you think of it?