Tuesday, 3 December 2013

La Roche Posay Ceralip - Review & Comparison

I found my holy grail lip balm Barriederm by Uriage when I was on the look-out for a really awesome balm that could save my very chapped lips. The first time I used it was a major aha moment for me. I used it constantly for a year, I literally did not buy any new lip balms in that period. When it ran out recently it became very difficult sourcing the balm in the UK and the one place that stocked it seemed really expensive. So my hunt began for something similar. Being never opposed to trying new stuff I thought I’ll give the La Roche Posay Ceralip a try. It is meant for severely chapped and sensitised lips, perfect for my lip condition. The former is definitely me!

When I first got it I was surprised at how similar it looked in packaging to my HG lip balm. Inside the squirt-y tube packaging is a very thick balm with a vaseline-like consistency. When I first applied it, it literally felt like I was using Barriederm and not something new. The two balms are very very very similar, not only in packaging and consistency but also in the results they produce. For less than £6 (Rs 600), you get a high performing, industrial strength product that does exactly what it says - that is give you smooth, nourished lips in just a matter of a night.

I apply a very thick layer of it before going to bed and the next morning I wake up with completely smooth lips, God only knows how all the flaky bits disappear. I cannot recommend this highly enough. I have stopped straying into the Nivea, Vaseline territory ever since I discovered these. For about the same price, you can get this amazing balm which will not disappoint you in terms of results.

If you are in India and you like the sound of Ceralip, then try Barriederm (Full review here) instead. They are pretty much the same and La Roche Posay is hard to get hold of in our country. I bought Ceralip from here for about £6 (Free international delivery)