Monday, 16 December 2013

How to clean your face effectively - Tip

If you are someone suffering with bad skin, then you are so not alone. I was in your shoes until a few months ago. Bad skin can be anything from acne to just dull, lack-lustre skin. I have been following this cleansing technique for about 3 months now and I am so happy with the results. I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

Cleaner face – Wash cloth/Face towel method

Clean your face with a wash cloth! In the past, my face wash would sit in the shower along with other hair products and face cleansing happened in the shower.

How I used to do it
  1. Lather face with cleanser (The more foam the better!)
  2. Wash away with water.

How I do it now
All face products now sit next to the sink.
  1. Pat face dry post-shower,
  2. Smooth cleanser all over dry skin,
  3. Massage for a while,
  4. Run face towel under hand hot water and wring out any excess (Turkey towel as we call it in my family, anyone else familiar with that?!)
  5. Wipe face and make sure all the cleanser has been taken off
Repeat the above two steps a few times until you are satisfied all the cleanser has gone off your face, obviously don’t rub your face red raw, just use a bit of common sense.


Wash cloths are CHEAP. Well cheaper than a Clarisonic for sure. Buy a bundle of 7 for a few hundred rupees and you are sorted. (Don’t forget to change them daily, you don’t want to wipe your face with a dirty cloth!)

Cleaner skin than ever before. The cloth will grip on to dirt and grime and get rid of it more effectively than splashing face with water does.

No need to get wet! If you are like me and hate getting your hands wet(Dish washing is my nightmare!), then this method will totally work for you and even motivate you to wash face more often that you normally would. Ever since I started doing this, I have been religiously cleansing my face twice daily.

Exfoliation - The wash cloth not only removes dirt more effectively but it also gently exfoliates skin. You will definitely see a difference in how good your skin feels immediately after. I promise!

Massage & Pamper! - When you apply cleanser directly to dry skin it will not foam as much. That gives you better slip and control over your massage strokes. In addition to pampering your skin a little bit this also helps increase blood circulation to the face.

Let me know if you try this out. Hopefully you will get addicted to it as much as I am! I learnt all of this and much more from Caroline's blog. You must check it out, it is quite addicting really!